This page introduces a section that allows you to get to know us, learn about our site policies and get in contact via email, phone or postal mail.

The Health Gazette is the central periodical for the Tylee Health Education Network. It provides information that:

  • covers health by focussing on:
    • several specific areas, such as:
      • vitamins and nutritional minerals
      • herbs for medicinal use
      • healthy lifestyle
      • pharmacology
      • and more
    • broad foundations of health, such as:
      • fresh air, safe sunshine, pure water, quality nutrition, exercise, rest and sleep
      • spiritual health, in terms of finding meaning and purpose in life
      • time for self
      • personal and social relationships
      • and more
  • provides details of quality health related products, and
  • identifies genuine discounts and savings opportunities when available.

In The Health Gazette we take a broad view of health. We cover both orthodox and alternative health domains.

We also hold an independent viewpoint. We value our freedom to be critical and not simply regurgitate some ‘party line’, which is all too common when it comes to health news and information.

The Gazette isn’t all one way either. We love to hear from our subscribers and members (or registered users) and are more than happy to respond to and interact with our readers. We welcome your input!

Our Health Gazette is available as an emailed newsletter or ezine published at least monthly and also has a blog version.

Each version contains different content.

Perhaps you are wondering who we are and why we developed this site. Well, get to know us.

Get To Know Us is a site developed by Drs Peter and Jenny Tylee. We are both health care professionals who actually:

  • are passionate about health and wellbeing,
  • understand health is not just absence of disease,
  • actively promote health,
  • love empowering others through health education.

Dr Jenny Tylee Dr Peter Tylee

We are committed to health education that provides significant empowerment to individuals who can achieve, regain or extend control of their own health care and management to achieve full enjoyment from life.

We have decades of professional experience in multiple health disciplines, including nursing, psychology and natural medicine. We were also senior academics who spent almost 15 years teaching in Australian universities. We each have several degrees including PhD.

So why this site?

We initially developed and (go and take a look, new windows will open) and realized that these sites needed to offer newsletters (or ezines) and blogs as additional communications channels.

Since we have a far wider health education agenda and more sites planned, we decided that one central site that managed communications was a sensible way to proceed. To make even more sense we thought it should become a viable site in its own right .

This enables us to provide a wealth of materials and manage our most critical resource most effectively. That resource is, of course, our time.

We acknowledge that many excellent health sites do already exist. There are also many sites claiming to be about health that have no value at all. We had reservations about many of these existing sites which we found suffered from problems such as:

  • nameless authors,
  • faceless authors,
  • only an email contact,
  • no broader health understanding,
  • no balance in their approach,
  • focus on products rather than people,
  • confusing site,
  • confusing or wrong information,
  • no acknowledgement of risks,
  • serious lack of safety guidelines,
  • and many more shortcomings.

We worry about people learning from or doing business through such web sites. So we decided to provide another one ourselves. Our research and observations indicated a need for broad, balanced, genuinely informative health sites that communicated at a particular level that is largely missing. We intend to fill that gap.

We are real people who don’t need to hide anything. And while we believe you can trust us, we encourage you to read our policies page and note the disclaimer.

We have sound, professional level knowledge and experience that spans both orthodox (or regular) and alternative health domains. We are well educated and have a capacity to critically evaluate new developments related to health and wellbeing.

Having been Primary Health Care practitioners and academics we are committed to providing information to empower you to make good health choices and to take responsibility for your own health. We don’t claim to be perfect, no one is, so please get in touch if you think we have made an error.

High standards are important to us. You will find that expressed in various ways. For example, in the:

  • use of gender inclusive language,
  • adoption of web standards, and
  • willingness to respond to feedback.

So, welcome! We sincerely hope you find something of benefit on our site. Take a good look around and you’re bound to.

Wishing best of health to you,

Peter and Jenny

Contact Us

This page provides a number of ways for you to get in touch with us.


This page sets out the policies that govern use of this site. People commonly refer to these details as Terms of Use. We do cover our terms of use, but our policies are broader than this.


On this page we set out our privacy policy in plain English. It is an expansion of a brief section on our Policies page. We decided to give privacy a page of its own because of the importance we attach to maintaining your privacy.

Reviewed Directory Listing

The Health Gazette has been reviewed by people expert in the process of health site and content evaluation and has been rated a Select Site. This means we satisfied the following criteria:

  • content of interest to healthcare consumers and professionals;
  • tone and presentation maintained at a professional level; and
  • site structure, navigation and graphic design executed at a professional level.

We are therefore delighted to be able to display the following graphic.

Healthlinks Select Site

Note that we reserve the right to modify any and all of our details in this section from time to time as needed. However, any changes that may affect you as a user of the site will be notified on the home page for some time. We have no changes planned at this time.

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