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Editor Emeritus on February 18th, 2013

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Editor Emeritus on January 25th, 2013

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Editor Emeritus on May 9th, 2012

The following article is by Dr John Cannell of the Vitamin D Council. Dr. Gerry Schwalfenberg of the University of Alberta just published the first case report of a woman with a treacherous autoimmune disorder, idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura or ITP, that vitamin D apparently cured. Schwalfenberg GK. Solar radiation and vitamin d: mitigating environmental factors […]

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Editor Emeritus on April 18th, 2012

From the Vitamin D Council Newsletter by Dr John Cannell Prostate cancer tends to develop in men over the age of fifty and, although it is one of the most prevalent types of cancer in men, many men never have symptoms and die of other causes. On the other hand, more aggressive prostate cancers account […]

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Dr. Terry Diamond and colleagues of St. George‚Äôs Hospital in New South Wales just published the first head-to-head comparison of 5,000 IU/day to 2,000 IU/day. Remember, the Food and Nutrition Board says 4,000 IU/day is the upper limit, but Dr. Diamond knows the pharmacology of vitamin D well enough to know that quite a few […]

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